Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors are here to help prospective students learn about the MHA program at the University of Washington. They have a wide variety of experience and interest! If you are interested in connecting with a student ambassador, email our marketing and student recruitment specialist, Christine Fleming, at

Tom Pittman

Class of 2020 — 1st-year EMHA Student

Tom-P.jpg Health care administration has been a rewarding field for me since it gives me the privilege of determining how to best coordinate the efforts and resources available to impact the complex needs of others. From my first on-site weekend with the UW EMHA program it was clear to me that this was the best place for me to learn and develop my skills as a health care leader. The UW EMHA program is giving me practical skills and knowledge I can utilize for immediate impact in my organization, and giving me connections to industry leaders to model and learn from. It’s thrilling to be a part of the UW EMHA program and to have access to the expertise this program has cultivated.

Natalia Usoltseva

Class of 2020 — 2nd-year EMHA Student

Natalia-Usoltseva.jpgMy effectiveness as a physician depends on my ability to speak about health issues and determine the best way to deliver care. I have a vision of how I can improve the practice and be an effective leader, but have thus far lacked the necessary tools to do so. With that in mind, I started looking for the opportunity to get this new set of knowledge through the Executive Master Health Administration Program in University of Washington. The program has the unique characteristics of a strong curriculum, excellent schedule to allow full-time work, and great networking opportunities. I was fascinated by the structure of the program — based on the teamwork that mirrors the complex relationships in health care. After one year in the program, I have already learned more about health care management than during seven years of work as a physician. Additionally, I was able to launch multiple quality improvement projects based on what I’ve learned so far in the program in a clinic where I currently practice. I hope to continue to make an impact in our complex health care system in the future and grow into an efficient leader.